Jul 03, 2019 · When connected to a Windows 10 device (Surface Book 2) and Google Pixel 3 XL and listening to downloaded music within Spotify from the Windows 10 Surface device, every time I move my Surface mouse (Bluetooth) the audio will cut out or there are gaps in the music. The music doesn't pause but just goes out almost like static.
How To Change The Default Playback (speakers) Device. Physically connecting your headset to the PC running SmartSDR for Windows is the first step. Now to change it to be the Windows default playback and recording device. The simplest and most direct way to change your playback device works the same way in Windows 7 and Windows 8.x.
Feb 09, 2010 · Internal speakers not working but headphones are fine I have just done a fresh install from vista to Windows 7 7100. All drivers are installed and working fine but I dont seem to be getting any sound out of my internal laptop speakers. I plugged in headphones and they work fine, i never had a problem in Vista. I have install the latest Realtek...
Not sure if people are still having a problem with this as it's been almost a year, but I was running into this problem with my Mac mini 2014 with Windows 10 Home and Bootcamp v6.0. The sound card is Cirrus Logic CS4208 (AB 108), and I couldn't get Windows to recognize the mic on my headset which was designed for iPhone/Apple usage.